Classes & Training

Ideal for new and experienced shooters

Law Enforcement training
Law Enforcement
Advanced situational and marksmanship training for law enforcement professionals.
Home defense firearms training
Defending Your Castle: Home Defense
Practical home defense and situational training for all skill levels.
Carry your handgun with confidence
Carry with Confidence
Situational training for those with their CCW license.
Intro to gun ownership class
Intro to Gun Ownership
Answers to all your questions about gun ownership.
Shooting basics and fundamentals
Shooting Basics
Learn the basics of handguns and shooting a pistol.
Scouts and youth shooting fundamentals
Shooting Basics for Youth Organizations
Fundamentals and safety class designed for scouts and youth organizations.
House of worship and church security team training
House of Worship
Training is designed specifically for church security teams.
Customized and personalized handgun training
Customized Training
Let us know your training objectives, and we'll create a session tailored to your needs.