EVR Academy

Training and classes for all shooting skills and experience levels

Fundamentals & Marksmanship

Customized and personalized handgun training

Personalized Training

Share your training objectives with us, and we'll create a personalized training session tailored to your needs.

all skill-levels youth instructor-led personalized private hands-on

New Shooter safety and fundamentals

New Shooter Series

This 3-part series is aimed at youth, families, and small groups who want to learn the safety and fundamentals of shooting.

beginner youth instructor-led hands-on private

Shooting fundamentals

Learn to Shoot

Learn the fundamentals of shooting a gun in a safe and supportive environment with a professional instructor.

beginner youth instructor-led personalized private hands-on

Hands-On Classes

Intro to gun ownership class

Intro to Gun Ownership

Answers to all your questions about gun ownership and training options.

beginner instructor-led small class hands-on security teams

Shooting basics and fundamentals

Shooting Basics

Learn the safety and basics of handguns and shooting a pistol.

beginner youth instructor-led small class hands-on

Scouts and youth shooting fundamentals

Shooting Basics for Youth Organizations

Fundamentals and safety class designed for scouts and youth organizations.

beginner youth instructor-led private small class hands-on community groups

Situational (Scenario) Training

Home defense firearms training

Defending Your Castle: Home Defense

Practical defense and situational training for learning techniques to protect your home.

intermediate advanced instructor-led private scenarios exclusive

Carry your handgun with confidence

Carry with Confidence

Scenario-based training to practice high-stress and threatening situations.

intermediate advanced instructor-led private scenarios exclusive

Law Enforcement & Security Teams

Law Enforcement training

Law Enforcement

Advanced situational and marksmanship training for law enforcement and police professionals.

advanced instructor-led personalized private police scenarios exclusive

House of worship and church security team training

House of Worship

Training is designed specifically for church security teams and the threats they face.

advanced instructor-led personalized private scenarios security teams exclusive

Why Engage Virtual Range?

Whether you consider yourself a novice or an expert marksman, our gun shooting simulator is the ideal location to build upon your skills. With hundreds of virtual scenarios, dynamic targets, and interactive drills, you will get a different experience each time you visit

Our simulated shooting range offers the following:
  • Clean, safe, and fun environment
  • Immersive virtual-reality experience
  • Highly accurate simulated training
  • Authentic sim guns with realistic recoil
  • Military-grade hardware and technology
  • Training methods unavailable at a live-fire range
  • Charging, dueling tree, speed, and timed drills