EVR Academy: Training & Classes

Extensive educational options for all skill and experience levels

Customized and personalized handgun training
Personalized Training
Share your training objectives with us, and we'll create a personalized training session tailored to your needs.
all skill-levels youth instructor-led personalized private hands-on
New Shooter safety and fundamentals
New Shooter Series
This 3-part series is aimed at youth, families, and small groups who want to learn the safety and fundamentals of shooting.
beginner youth instructor-led hands-on private
Shooting fundamentals
Learn to Shoot
Learn the fundamentals of shooting a gun in a safe and supportive environment with a professional instructor.
beginner youth instructor-led personalized private hands-on
Home defense firearms training
Defending Your Castle: Home Defense
Practical defense and situational training for learning techniques to protect your home.
intermediate advanced instructor-led private scenarios exclusive
Carry your handgun with confidence
Carry with Confidence
Scenario-based training to practice high-stress and threatening situations.
intermediate advanced instructor-led private scenarios exclusive
Intro to gun ownership class
Intro to Gun Ownership
Answers to all your questions about gun ownership and training options.
beginner instructor-led small class hands-on security teams
Shooting basics and fundamentals
Shooting Basics
Learn the safety and basics of handguns and shooting a pistol.
beginner youth instructor-led small class hands-on
Scouts and youth shooting fundamentals
Shooting Basics for Youth Organizations
Fundamentals and safety class designed for scouts and youth organizations.
beginner youth instructor-led private small class hands-on community groups
Community collaboration for law enforcement experiences
Citizen's Academy
By delivering situational training exercises for civilians, students can learn hands-on what it's like to be a police officer.
all skill-levels private scenarios hands-on community groups exclusive
House of worship and church security team training
House of Worship
Training is designed specifically for church security teams and the threats they face.
advanced instructor-led personalized private scenarios security teams exclusive
Law Enforcement training
Law Enforcement
Advanced situational and marksmanship training for law enforcement and police professionals.
advanced instructor-led personalized private police scenarios exclusive
Shooting entertainment
General Entertainment
Fun and recreational simulated shooting entertainment for families, friends, and small groups.
all skill-levels youth competitions instructor-led personalized private