Build Skills and Confidence in a Virtual Shooting Range Designed for All Skill Levels

EVR offers a safe, clean, fun, and educational virtual gun range for novice shooters, experts, law enforcement, and entertainment-seekers.

Target Your Goals

When you book a 60, 90, or 120-minute session at EVR, you’re in control. Tell our instructors your goals, and they will personalize training to help you get the most out of your time at our virtual gun range.

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Learn to Shoot

New to shooting? EVR is the place to start. We offer a range of classes and hands-on training sessions to help everyone from novice shooters to expert sharpshooters improve skills, confidence, and accuracy.

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Create Memories

Our virtual gun range is unique in that it’s built for training and fun. Shoot prairie dogs, hunt zombies, or compete in IDPA challenges with friends and family. Compete for the top spot on our leaderboards.

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What is a Virtual Shooting Range?

A virtual shooting range offers an educational, fun, safe, and judgment-free environment for novice and expert shooters. It's a clean and economical alternative to traditional gun ​ranges and can help you learn to shoot with confidence.

Plus, you have the opportunity to:

  • Build confidence in a risk-free environment
  • Save money on expensive ammo
  • Keep track of your progress each time you visit
  • Engage in lifelike simulations you won’t find anywhere else
  • Compete against friends and family for bragging rights


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What Our Range Customers Are Saying

We love Engage Virtual Range! Friendly and helpful staff, and a wonderful experience. Their sim guns give you the feeling of shooting real guns, without the ammo and gun cleaning. We gained a lot of insight about shooting in different emergency situations and scenarios. Highly recommend!

Catherine on Google

Went on date night with my girlfriend and two friends. Had a great time. The staff was very friendly, and the sim was phenomenal. We had a spectrum of experience from veteran military/law enforcement to picking up a gun for the first time that day.

David on Google

EVR is an amazing experience. Weather you have never fired a gun, you are a competitive shooter or even law enforcement you have to try out their set up. The environment is not intimidating at all.

Phil on Google
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Why a Virtual Shooting Range?
  • Clean, safe, fun, and welcoming environment
  • Judgment-free atmosphere
  • No live fire, ammunition, or dirty gun powder
  • Economical alternative to pricey ammo
  • Dynamic and interactive targets
  • Highly accurate simulated training
  • Authentic firearms with realistic recoil
  • Entertaining scenarios that are both fun and interactive
  • Shoot indoor year-round
  • Military-grade hardware and technology
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