Engaging virtual gun range for building skills, accuracy and confidence

A safe and clean environment to train and test your shooting accuracy and tactical skills.

Serious Training

Engage in realistic judgmental scenarios and drills targeted toward law-enforcement and corporate/private security. Improve situational awareness and mitigate danger in a virtual shooting range.

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Skill Building

Improve your skills using hundreds of virtual scenarios, dynamic targets and interactive drills in our virtual shooting range. Increase speed and accuracy skills that are key for novice and expert marksmen and women.

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Compete with friends or by yourself in entertaining target practice, zombie-hunting, and competition-based scenarios. Test your skills with lifelike sim guns featuring realistic recoil in our virtual shooting range.

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What is a Virtual Shooting Range?

A virtual shooting range offers a fun, safe and judgment-free environment for novice and expert shooters. It’s a clean and economical alternative to traditional gun ranges.

Plus, you have the opportunity to:

  • Build confidence in a risk-free environment
  • Save money on expensive ammo
  • Keep track of your progress each time you visit
  • Engage in lifelike simulations you won’t find anywhere else
  • Compete against friends and family for bragging rights

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Why a Virtual Shooting Range?
  • Clean, safe, fun and welcoming environment
  • Judgement-free atmosphere
  • No live-fire, ammunition or dirty gun powder
  • Economical alternative to pricey ammo
  • Dynamic and interactive targets
  • Highly accurate simulated training
  • Authentic firearms with realistic recoil
  • Entertaining scenarios that are both fun and interactive
  • Shoot indoor year-round
  • Military-grade hardware and technology
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