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Challenging, Fun, and Family-Friendly Simulated Shooting

Virtual Shooting is Fun!

Unique experiences are all the rage. But what if you could take it to the next level? Our simulated shooting range puts you, your family, and your friends in front of a massive HD screen with full surround sound and challenges you with target practice, interactive drills, and competition-based scenarios.

Want to shoot zombies with life-like guns? Want to show your kids how fun a duck hunt can be when it's interactive? Want to compete with friends to see who has the best shot? Engage Virtual Range customizes every reservation to your goals so you can maximize every minute of your experience!

Hear From Our Customers


"This was such a fun experience. They had something for all the experience levels in our party, including many of us that have never shot a gun."


"Great fun! Our instructor was awesome and knowledgeable! I highly recommend this fun simulated shooting."


"What a fantastic time! If you've never been, you should check it out! Awesome technology...great experience!"

Why Engage Virtual Range?

You've tried ax-throwing, karting, virtual golf, and escape rooms. But have you tried the unique competitive shooting experience in a virtual reality shooting range?

Our simulated shooting range offers the following:

  • Clean, safe, and fun environment
  • Immersive virtual-reality experience
  • Highly accurate simulated training
  • Authentic sim guns with realistic recoil
  • Military-grade hardware and technology
  • Target shooting
  • Charging, dueling tree, speed, and timed drills
  • Games: Western saloon, pirate ship, prairie dog hunt, steel challenge
  • Live-action missions