Virtual Shooting Competition Simulations

Let's See Your Best Shot!

Competitive games

Sometimes, you need to let off some steam! And that's precisely what the EVR virtual shooting simulations are for. These challenging games take traditional video and arcade games to the next level.

Our military-grade hardware and authentic sim guns with realistic coil are not only used for training, but it is also part of the authentic gaming experience at Engage Virtual Range. Our immersive simulator bays put you front and center for all the gaming action. In addition, our collection of highly addictive virtual shooting games features head-to-head competitions, solo gameplay, and leaderboards that allow you to track your score against your friends.

Host a party or team-building event, or get a group together for some laughs and high-energy gameplay. No experience is required! We offer a fun, safe, and clean environment for you and your friends to try something completely new. As a result, you might find a newfound interest in something you never thought you would.

Wild boar hunting game

Some of the exciting and interactive competitive shooting games we offer at EVR include:

  • Prairie Dog Hunts - Test your speed and accuracy as prairie dogs try to outrun your shots.
  • Boar Hunting - Use life-like sim guns to hunt wild boar with full surround sound.
  • Timed Target Practice - See which of your friends has the best time as you speed through challenging target shooting scenarios.
  • Zombie Hunting - Choose from various terrifying simulations featuring real actors and interactive video scenarios.
  • Western Saloon - Enjoy a new, challenging virtual reality take on a classic arcade game.
  • Steel Challenge - Improve your time and get valuable practice in this virtual simulation of the actual competition.

Engage Virtual Range features over 30 competitive shooting games, so you can have a completely different experience every time you visit. Our staff can even help you design a customized playlist to maximize your time and ensure you get to play the games that you are most interested in trying out.