Engage Virtual Range FAQs

Get the answers to all your questions before you try our virtual shooting range

Excellent question! Simulated shooting at a virtual range has many of the same characteristics as a live fire range. To help illustrate these, we created an extensive comparison chart to see the differences easily. Click to learn about live-fire gun range differences.
A virtual shooting range is a simulated shooting experience using advanced technology. Virtual ranges are used to learn to shoot a gun, skill-building, and entertainment. The shooter faces a sizeable high-definition screen and interacts with video scenarios and computer-generated skill drills and games. Replica and retrofitted firearms shoot highly accurate lasers on the screen. There is no "live-fire" shooting at a virtual shooting range.
Simulated firearms training is a virtual and immersive experience like no other. Our simulators are designed to present the shooter with thought-provoking scenarios that test their ability to make split-second decisions under stress. Additionally, shooters can improve "muscle memory" using our interactive drills.
Engage Virtual Range does NOT allow firearms, weapons, or live ammunition on our premises. Our goal is to eliminate confusion between a live firearm and a simulated gun. All of our sim guns are highly realistic, and we would never want to take the chance of someone confusing an actual handgun for one of our sim guns.

The safety of our visitors and team members is our #1 priority. We want a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for all skill levels. To do so, we must ensure all visitors strictly adhere to this rule.
While elements of a virtual range can be a lot of fun, your experience with us significantly differs from a video or arcade game. Engage Virtual Range is owned and managed by experienced marksmen committed to helping law enforcement, security professionals, and the average citizen improve their skills with measurable results. At the same time, novice and experienced marksmen/women are always welcome in our safe, friendly, and judgment-free environment.
No, but we ask that all guests be mature enough to respect our sim guns as if they were real. Shooters under 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
We strongly encourage you to reserve a virtual range of time before visiting. Reservations ensure we are open and have space to accommodate you. You can book time using our easy-to-use online reservation tool.
Yes. All participants must have a current waiver on file to shoot our virtual range. Shooters under the age of 18 must also have a parent or guardian agree to the waiver.
After completing a challenging project, hitting your quarterly goals, or when you have big clients coming into town, your team needs to have fun and blow off steam. And bowling is entirely overrated. Company events at Engage Virtual Range are the perfect way to impress your employees, boost morale, and learn practical skills that translate to the real world.

Want to learn more about the unique company events we host at EVR? Contact us today or read more about corporate events here.
We allow outside food and beverages (excluding alcohol) for prearranged groups. Please contact us to arrange your group outing.
Our virtual range simulators are rented for as little as 60 minutes. Rates vary based on the length of time, the number of shooters, firearms upgrades, and the package selected. For specific information, please visit our pricing page.
We allow cancellations up to 24 hours before the start of your reservation for a full refund. Cancellations less than 24 hours are not eligible for a refund.
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