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What to Expect When You Visit

We often hear "what is a virtual shooting range"? This video answers that question and provides a look into the training, competitions and fun that can be had at Engage Virtual Range!

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Fundamentals: Aim

Are you on target every time? If not, your sight alignment and/or sight picture may be incorrect. Watch this tips for on how to properly aim your firearm.

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Fundamentals: Grip

Do you know how to properly grip a handgun or pistol? How you grip a gun can make all the difference in your accuracy. Watch this short tutorial on the basics of proper grip we teach at Engage Virtual Range.

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Fundamentals: Stance

New to shooting handguns? Stance is an important part to effective marksmanship. This video covers the basics in our safe and clean virtual shooting range.

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Fundamentals: Trigger Pull

Can you pull it off? How you pull the trigger of a handgun can make all the difference in your shoot accuracy. Watch this video for the quick basics of proper handgun trigger pull.

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