Because we offer such a wide range of services to our customers, we encourage all participants to make a reservation before arriving. This ensures availability and helps manage rental fees.

Virtual Range Simulator Pricing

Our virtual range simulators can be rented for as little as 60 minutes. Rates vary based upon on the length of time, number of shooters, sim guns, upgrades and the package selected. For specific information, please visit our reservation page.


We intend to offer a wide variety of classroom style virtual gun training classes that utilize our simulators. Each class will have a different cost based on the content, instructor expertise level and duration. Please refer to our current class schedule for more information.

Law Enforcement

We recognize the value simulated training provides to law enforcement. Each entity or department has unique and specific needs. With that in mind, we customize solutions for law enforcement that are specific and tailored to your needs. Please contact us to learn more and schedule a time to discuss our offerings.

Corporate Events

Engage Virtual Range welcomes the opportunity to host your next corporate event in a unique and friendly venue that provides unique team-building opportunities. Please contact us to learn more and schedule a time to discuss our offerings.

Group Outings

Plan your next group outing or party with us! We cater to bachelor and bachelorette parties, birthdays, reunions and more. Simply contact us today for details and to schedule a time to discuss your needs.