Live-Fire Range Comparison

Many of our EVR customers are loyal to live fire shooting ranges. And there is no denying value of a traditional gun range – but many people don’t realize that a virtual shooting range offers more than they realize.

We’ve made it easy for you to compare a virtual gun range to a live-fire one so you can decide which option is better tailored to your goals. You might even realize that maybe it shouldn’t come down to live fire versus virtual shooting, and instead, it should be a combination of the two that makes you a more well-rounded shooter.

Use the chart below to get a snapshot of what you can expect from a traditional live-fire range and what you can expect from a simulated shooting range, like EVR.

Target practice Y Y
Static targets Y Y
Dynamic targets  Y
Holster draw drills  Y
Seated position drills  Y
Room entry drills  Y
Hit detection and recording  Y
Score capturing  Y
Leaderboarding  Y
Multi-shooter activities  Y
Competitive shoots  Y
League play  Y
Accident-free environment  Y
Non-intimidating and safe  Y
Blowback/recoil Y Y
Utilize your gunY  
Practice clearing a firearmY  
Eye & ear protection required Y  
Loud "bangs" Y  
Careless and dangerous patrons Y  
"Hot brass" projectiles Y  
Lead in the air Y  
(1 hour, 2 people)
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