Educational and Fun for all Shooters

First time shooter training

Find Out How EVR Caters to Every Experience Level

Heading to a live-fire gun range for the very first time can be scary, intimidating, loud, and anxiety-inducing. It's enough to turn people off from the sport entirely. It can sometimes be an unwelcoming setting with loud noises, unpleasant gun smoke, and not-so-friendly faces surrounding you.

That's part of the reason Engage Virtual Range was invented in the first place! EVR offers a safe, judgment-free atmosphere for every shooter's experience level to learn the basics and master practical skills.

What Makes EVR Fun and Educational

The first time you come to our virtual shooting range, our knowledgeable staff helps get you acclimated before letting you loose to see what you're made of! At EVR, you can expect to learn to shoot a gun a lot while also having the time of your life. We do our very best to balance a true education of handling and operating a gun with having serious fun.

Whether you are a first-time shooter or a professional shot, the goal is for you to walk out of our doors having learned something you didn't know before and have gained the confidence to shoot a live-fire gun.

On your first visit, we show you the shooting bays, explain the sim guns, and then if needed, we show you the basics of holding a gun and the proper stance.

No matter the skill level, each participant goes through a series of fundamental shooting drills and target practice modules. This helps our system get a feel for your experience level and lets our staff take note of any corrections they can help you make along the way.

Every person is equipped with a life-like sim gun and provides each shooter with the look and feel of a live firearm. The simulation guns we provide are modeled to look and feel like authentic firearms, mimicking the weight, the design, and the kickback. While you can definitely play all of our simulations without these life-like elements, if you are looking for an authentic experience that teaches you real-world skills that translate to a traditional gun range, the option is there for you.

Tips for First-Time Shooters to Get the Most Out of EVR

When it comes down to it, if your goal is getting experience shooting a gun to build confidence for the future, EVR is the place to do it. If your goal is to have fun, EVR is also the place to do it!

Below are just a few tips and suggestions you can use to maximize your session at EVR as a first-timer:

  • Be consistent about where you place your hands on the gun
  • Keep a firm and confident grip on the gun at all times
  • Keep your eyes open when trying to line up your sight
  • Follow through with your shot before lowering your gun
  • Don't be too stiff. This is meant to be fun
  • Be patient
  • Don't be afraid to miss
  • Practice, practice, practice

With a virtual shooting range, you have the flexibility to choose the type of target practice you want to try, and this allows you to develop a wide range of skills. While you might be bad at one type of drill, you might find you really excel at another. Find your sweet spot, and don't be afraid to try things. No one is judging you at EVR, and you don't have to pay for any ammunition you waste. So, shoot away!