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Master the Fundamentals of Shooting a Gun in a Safe, Supportive Environment

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Learn Shooting Skills @ EVR

Guns can be a polarizing issue, but no matter where you stand on the spectrum of gun ownership, knowing how to use, handle, and operate a gun safely is an essential skill. Unfortunately, as gun sales continue to rise in the United States, we're ending up with more and more people who have guns but don't know how to use them effectively.

At EVR, we believe learning to shoot a gun is a vital skill everyone should have. Therefore, our virtual gun range was founded on providing a safe, educational, and judgment-free facility where individuals of all skill levels could learn to shoot a gun responsibly.

A gun is only as dangerous as the person using it. Therefore, we aim to teach the fundamentals of handling a firearm, shooting a gun, and building the confidence necessary to be a responsible gun owner.

Learn to Shoot: Why it is Important

Learning to use a gun can be more rewarding than you think. Even if you have never held a gun in your hand, once you master the fundamentals of properly handling and shooting a gun, your entire outlook can change.

One of the most critical aspects of our gun training classes at EVR is that learning to shoot a gun can teach responsibility and discipline with practice. Almost anyone can learn how to shoot a firearm safely and accurately. Through our available training sessions, individuals of all skill levels can master the basics and beyond to grow their confidence and skill level.

Learn to Shoot: Select your Training

As gun ownership continues to rise, we have expanded our course offerings to tailor our classes to suit every level shooter.

Just some of the unique classes we offer to help you learn to shoot include:

Intro to gun ownership class

Intro to Gun Ownership

Answers to all your questions about gun ownership and training options.

beginner instructor-led small class hands-on security teams

Shooting basics and fundamentals

Shooting Basics

Learn the safety and basics of handguns and shooting a pistol.

beginner youth instructor-led small class hands-on

Carry your handgun with confidence

Carry with Confidence

Scenario-based training to practice high-stress and threatening situations.

intermediate advanced instructor-led private scenarios exclusive

If learning to shoot is something you've always been interested in, we encourage you to enroll in one of our upcoming classes. Our goal at EVR is to help you through every step of your journey from novice to confident gun owner. View all training and classes.