Carry with Confidence Situational Training

Training Sessions to Build Upon Skills Learned in CCW Courses

Are you wondering how you can continue building on the fundamentals you learned in CCW training? In an effort to maintain our commitment to education, EVR is proud to launch a new 4-part Carry with Confidence training series for all CCW license holders.

These hands-on sessions are designed to offer specific training in the key areas of gun ownership. All of our training sessions are tailored to the individual students and are aimed at building confidence in marksmanship, muscle memory, drawing from concealment, and learning how to react in life-threatening, real-world situations.

Each 60-minute training session is focused on providing shoot/don’t shoot simulations that target a different area of personal protection using firearms.

EVR Carry with Confidence Situational Training Sessions

*Completing the EVR Carry with Confidence Intro Training is a required prerequisite for the other sessions.