Carry with Confidence Simulated Firearms Training Academy

Concealed Carry Scenario-Based Situational Training

Are you wondering how to build on the fundamentals you learned in your marksmanship training? We can help. EVR offers a 4-part Carry with Confidence (CwC) training series to teach techniques for carrying with confidence.

Why Continue Your Training?

Commonly, we find that first-time gun owners aren't comfortable with their skill set or ability to handle a firearm confidently. As a result, they often share with us questions like:

  • Am I truly ready to shoot a gun?
  • Do I know the importance of stance, grip, sighting, and trigger pull?
  • Do I have the muscle memory required to be a good shooter?
  • Could I effectively draw from concealment?
  • Do I have the quick-thinking judgment needed in an emergency?
  • Should I be practicing more often?

While marksmanship training is a critical step in gun ownership, it's only the beginning. Being a responsible gun owner means growing your skills regularly to help you build confidence and, more importantly, develop the skills needed to be confident with your firearm.

What Can You Expect From Your EVR Training?

Intro to civilian situational training

Our goal is to help you benefit from valuable training offered anywhere else. Each 60-minute training session focuses on providing shoot/don't shoot simulations that target a different area of personal protection using firearms.

Some of the relevant skills we practice include:
  • Reacting in potentially life-threatening situations
  • Drawing from concealment
  • Techniques for avoiding tunnel-vision
  • Marksmanship and muscle memory during stressful encounters
  • Learn the skills to mitigate potentially life-threatening situations
  • Safe firearms handling
  • And more

Carry with Confidence Prerequisites

  • Students are required to complete the Carry with Confidence Intro training to participate in any other classes
  • 21+ years old

Learn More About the Carry with Confidence Training Series

Click below to learn more about each of our training sessions in the Carry with Confidence series:

*Completing the EVR Carry with Confidence Intro Training is required for the other sessions.

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