Carry with Confidence: Public Places

Situational Training for CCW Holders in a Simulated Environment

Public place firearm training

One of our objectives at EVR is to help gun owners be safe, confident, and educated. Our Carry with Confidence series is intended to build upon the preliminary training gained in CCW courses. Practicing threat mitigation in lifelike virtual scenarios is a safe and judgment-free way to develop real-world personal protection skills.

Public Place Training Session Overview

This 60-minute, advanced training session focuses on public place training, emphasizing drawing from a holster, purse, or other stored position. Students will spend most of this training session engaging in hands-on virtual shoot/don’t shoot scenarios that mimic potentially threatening real-world situations. This class is intended to help gun owners carry with confidence and practice safety, clear judgment, and confidence when handling a gun in a public place.

This class is taught in a safe, judgment-free atmosphere to promote learning and build confidence.

Training Description and Objectives

This one-on-one, hands-on course is designed to encourage each student to engage in routine practice while also building new and valuable gun safety skills. This course builds on the foundation gained in your CCW training and introduction and home and personal defense courses. This course's primary focus is on public place training and drawing your firearm from a resting position. Course objectives are as follows:

  • To build confidence through practice of public place scenarios
  • To master the basics of marksmanship
  • To learn the skills to mitigate potentially dangerous situations in public places
  • To practice drawing from a holster, purse, or other passive position
  • To understand the importance of developing muscle memory

Upon completion of this advanced training, students will feel more secure in their gun handling abilities. They should understand the importance of engaging in routine practice. They will develop the skills to identify potentially dangerous situations in public places. Students will be better prepared to de-escalate public place situations or engage in deadly force with more confidence.


  • Students must have a valid CCW license to participate in the Carry with Confidence situational training series
  • Students MUST complete the CWC Intro training session to participate in any other CWC classes
  • 21+ years old