Carry with Confidence: Intro

Situational Training for CCW Holders in a Simulated Environment

Intro to civilian situational training

Once you have obtained your CCW, it’s a common reaction to look at your license and think, "now what?" You may have finished the certification, but there is still so much work to be done. EVR understands this and has developed a series of situational firearms training classes in our virtual environment to help CCW permit holders build on their education and confidence.

Intro Training Session Overview

This 60-minute, intro-level training session is uniquely designed as an extension of CCW gun training and serves as an overview of situational training. If you book this session, you will get valuable practice on stance, grip, sighting, and trigger pull basics. This hands-on session is intended to build on the fundamentals learned in concealed carry courses by providing routine practice and allowing students to become familiarized with real-world simulations that require quick-thinking and proper judgment.

These training sessions are taught in a safe, judgment-free atmosphere to promote learning and build confidence.

Training Description and Objectives

A professional instructor teaches this fully hands-on training session to give each student ample time to practice the skills they learned in their CCW class while also building new confidence through situational awareness training. Course objectives are as follows:

  • To gain exposure to a variety of shoot/don’t-shoot scenarios.
  • To practice the basics of marksmanship.
  • To master traditional range and safety rules.
  • To understand the importance of developing muscle memory.
  • To become familiarized with using a virtual simulator for training.

At the end of this training, students will feel comfortable with the basics of handling a gun. They should understand the importance of routine practice using a virtual simulator. They should have gained valuable, real-world confidence through our situational training scenarios.


  • Students must have a valid CCW license to participate in the EVR Carry with Confidence situational training series
  • Students MUST complete the CWC Intro training session to participate in any other CWC classes
  • 21+ years old