Carry with Confidence: Extended Training Academy

Ongoing Self-Defense Firearms Training

Situational firearms training

Want to Know How You Can Continue Your Training?

One of our core beliefs at EVR is that gun owners are never done learning. If you've taken one or more of our Carry with Confidence classes, you might wonder what you should take next to continue honing your skills. Well, as usual, we've got you covered!

Our core Carry with Confidence series introduced you to situational training, but now it's time to build on what you learned. We offer two focused extension classes that put you front and center for everyday situational scenarios that let you practice self-defense in the home, in public, and in your vehicle to build muscle memory and improve reaction time.

Extended Self-Defense Training Session Overview

These 60-minute, intermediate-level training sessions focus on taking the foundation established in our preliminary Carry with Confidence classes and taking it to the next level. Students will spend most of these extended gun training sessions engaging in lifelike shoot/don't shoot scenarios centered around home, personal property, vehicle, and public self-defense. The goal is to get a more well-rounded experience and spend more time analyzing your reactions to specific scenarios.

These courses are an extension of our CwC classes and answer the "what's next" question in your training. Students can understand how muscle memory plays during stressful situations and develop the clear judgment necessary to mitigate potentially dangerous real-world threats through unpredictable scenarios.

These self-defense firearms training classes are taught in a safe, judgment-free atmosphere to promote learning and build student confidence.

Training Description and Objectives

This hands-on session can be booked on your schedule and taught by one of our professional instructors to give you ample time to practice the skills learned in your previous training and our intro-level course. Course objectives are as follows:

  • Build on the skills you gained in our core Carry with Confidence series
  • Provide the student with new, challenging, and thought-provoking scenarios
  • To learn the skills to mitigate potentially dangerous situations within the home
  • To understand the importance of developing muscle memory

Students should feel more confident in their self-defense abilities after completing these courses. They should understand the importance of creating muscle memory in a real-world setting. Most importantly, they should grow confident in their abilities to protect their homes and personal property from intruders.