Carry with Confidence: Home & Personal Property

Virtual Situational Training for CCW Holders

Home and personal defense firearm training

At EVR, we believe routine practice is an essential part of improving and maintaining your skill set. Whether you are a novice shooter or an expert marksman, practice is the key to carrying with confidence. In order to help CCW holders build on their preliminary education, we have developed a series called Carry with Confidence.

Personal Property Training Session Overview

This 60-minute, intermediate-level training session focuses on home and personal property training with a quick hands-on refresher of the basic skills and techniques of handling a gun. Students will spend the bulk of the training session engaging in lifelike shoot/don’t shoot scenarios centered around home and personal property defense. The course is aimed at helping students gain the confidence, clear judgment and ability to mitigate potentially dangerous real-world situations.

This class is taught in a safe, judgment-free atmosphere to promote learning and build confidence.

Training Description and Objectives

This hands-on session can be booked on your schedule and will be taught by one of our skilled instructors to give you ample time to practice the skills learned in CCW training and in our intro-level course. The main focus of this course is home and personal property defense training. Course objectives are as follows:

  • To practice the basics of marksmanship
  • To build confidence through practice of virtual personal property defense scenarios
  • To learn the skills to mitigate potentially dangerous situations within the home
  • To understand the importance of developing muscle memory

Upon completion of this course, students should feel even more confident in their firearm handling abilities, they should understand the importance of creating muscle memory in a real-world setting, and most importantly, they should grow confident in their abilities to protect their homes and their personal property from intruders.


  • Students must have a valid CCW license to participate in the EVR Carry with Confidence situational training series
  • Successful completion of EVR Carry with Confidence Intro course
  • 21+ years old

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