EVR Intro to Gun Ownership

Have questions about becoming a gun owner? This class is for you!

Course Description and Objectives

First gun purchase

More and more individuals are thinking about the benefits of becoming a gun owner. And as a first-time gun buyer, you probably have a lot of questions. At EVR, we understand that and want to help you in your journey to becoming a responsible gun owner. This course is the perfect place to start.

Course objectives are as follows:
  • To learn the basics of identifying and purchasing your first handgun
  • To understand the importance of on-going training
  • To explore all the significant aspects of gun ownership; safety, handling, storage, etc.
  • To dive into the pros and cons of getting your CCW license
  • To get an introduction to EVR as an essential training solution now and throughout gun ownership

At the end of the class, individuals should feel confident in starting the process of buying a gun for the first time and feel comfortable with the knowledge they have gained to start shopping.

IMPORTANT: There is absolutely NO live firearms or ammunition at our facility. All instruction and class participation is done using realistic sim guns.