Simulation Guns vs. Live Firearms

Sim gun versus real gun
Simulated gun versus a real firearm

Whether you are a novice shooter or an expert marksman, you know the benefits and drawbacks of traditional live-fire guns. You know the sounds, know the smells, know the powder, and know the feeling.

So, it's no surprise that traditional gun owners have some hesitation when switching over to using a sim gun at a virtual gun range. But if you keep an open mind, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn the technology enhances the experience, not detracts from it.

How Does a Sim Gun Work?

Most often, virtual sim guns, like those used at EVR, are constructed of polymer. They are created using a mold of a real gun, so the size, look, and handling of a sim gun mirrors a real gun's experience. Sim guns are designed to emit a laser pulse that lines up with each trigger pull. The shot is typically registered within nanoseconds on the high-definition simulation screen in front of you.

Our sim guns are calibrated regularly to ensure accuracy and to allow shooters to get an accurate indication of their skills within each different scenario or drill.

How Realistic is a Virtual Sim Gun?

If you are very comfortable with using traditional guns, this is a fair question. Sim guns offer a range of experiences based on shooter preferences. For novice shooters, individuals learning to shoot, or entertainment-based shooters, lightweight polymer options make gun handling easier and more comfortable for extended periods. The look, feel, size, and handling are all highly realistic.

For expert marksman and gun owners, simulation guns are constructed of polymer and steel to represent a realistic weight. Shooters can choose from CO2 powdered pistols that offer real slide action and blowback, all the way to full weight semi-automatic rifles with CO2 powdered actions to simulate an authentic experience.

With all sim guns, the fundamentals of shooting, and the fun of engaging with dynamic targets, can be achieved with even the most basic model. It's all about the shooter and their comfort level.

Experience Lifelike Sim Guns at Engage Virtual Range

Engage Virtual Range is a virtual shooting range that offers a non-judgmental environment for shooters ranging from novices to expert marksmen and women. We invite you and your friends to experience this incredibly lifelike technology for yourself. Schedule a session and test your skills with our virtual sim guns.

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