House of Worship Training Academy

Situational and Marksmanship Training for Church Security Teams

Church security situational training

The world around us continues to change. Mass shootings are increasing, and Houses of Worship realize they are no exception to violence. Places of worship have become targets of violence in several areas around the United States.

Responsibility for others' safety is significant, and we understand it should not be taken lightly. At EVR, we recognize this growing trend and have developed advanced virtual training programs that address the unique circumstances that House of Worship and church security teams face.

Hands-On Church Security Training

EVR is proud to offer a series of classes to help CCW holders build upon the skills they learned in their training and develop confidence in marksmanship. In addition, we have extended our offerings to accommodate training to target House of Worship security teams' unique needs.

In our virtual training sessions, security teams can:

  • Participate in hands-on virtual scenarios, including parking lots, domestic, and within buildings
  • Engage in marksmanship training using lifelike simulation guns
  • Practice drawing from a holster or other concealed position
  • Learn to mitigate potentially dangerous situations
  • Interact in high-stress scenarios in a safe environment
  • Understand the importance of developing muscle memory

Our training sessions are tailored to a church security team's needs and are designed to build confidence through marksmanship and situational training. In addition, our facility encourages safe gun habits, teaches gun control, and allows shooters to develop valuable skills regarding real-world applications.

Place of worship scenario-based training

About Engage Virtual Range

We started EVR with the simple mission to educate and assist individuals, groups, and safety teams of all experience levels. Using state-of-the-art technology, we work with shooters to build upon their basic skills and develop the confidence to be responsible and safe gun owners.

If your place of worship currently has a security plan and would like to build upon your skills and develop confidence, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a session.


  • Established security team with support from your leadership
  • Existence of a security plan that includes support for the use of deadly force
  • 21+ years old

What Our Customers are Saying

I thought the whole process was fantastic! Having the ability to "Engage" in situations we could only talk about previously was invaluable. The opportunity to debrief with the teams was a critical step that generated conversation and thoughts that will help us going forward.
Jim P
The scenarios were realistic, got my blood flowing and put a light on how serious our job is, protecting our people. The staff were very instructive.
Bob B
I felt that the scenarios were invaluable as a training tool. They prepared you for how it would feel in a real situation. The effects of the adrenaline and other environmental stimuli really helped with getting you to think about how to react. I also appreciated the 'real-time' modifications that could be made by the instructor. I also think periodic training like this would be invaluable to our security team and also help with creating our security response plan. It drives home the importance of our role on the security team.
Andy M