Training for Law EnforcementEVR Academy

Judgmental and Situational Training

Learn advanced techniques for mitigating and escalating/de-escalating dangerous situations. Improve shooting accuracy through engaging drills and exercises all from the safety of a realistic training simulator.

A traditional shooting range is a static, 2-dimensional experience. We offer a multi-dimensional experience and training that closely resembles real-world and stressful situations.

Virtual training scenarios
Law enforcement training

Training Simulator: Law Enforcement

At Engage Virtual Range, we understand the unique needs of law enforcement. We have created a simulated training environment for professionals to practice essential and potentially life-saving drills.

Benefits of our simulator training:

  • Judgmental and circumstantial training
  • Lifelike and realistic settings
  • Shoot / don’t shoot situations
  • Less-than-lethal scenarios
  • Controlled stress and active response scenarios
  • Authentic sim guns with realistic recoil
  • Military-grade hardware and technology
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Why Choose Engage Virtual Range

The highlights of our virtual training simulator:

  • Military-grade virtual simulation technology
  • Realistic and authentic sim guns
  • Sophisticated and highly accurate laser "shots"
  • Advance hit-detection technology
  • Immersive surround sound audio
Who can benefit from simulated training
  • Police, sheriff's and SWAT departments
  • Corporate security
  • Institutional security
  • Schools and safety officers
  • Private security forces