Virtual Gun Ranges: The Safer Alternative for Youth Exposure

When it comes to youth groups such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, shooting sports have begun to grow in popularity. There are millions of young people all over the nation who participate in sports such as archery, rifle shooting, and more.

The value in mastering these skills is highly beneficial to today’s youth as it helps them develop into responsible and productive citizens as adults. By learning skills in marksmanship, accountable and safe use of firearms, and the fundamental principles of holding and firing a gun, youth organizations can instill a sense of confidence and responsibility in the kids they teach.

Virtual Training for Scouts & Youth Programs

Engage Virtual Range was founded with the sole purpose of providing a safe, judgment-free atmosphere for shooters of all skill levels to master proper gun handling and shooting techniques, while also growing confidence in their abilities.

Our virtual shooting bays were built to provide a life-like experience that is safe, fun, and educational. It is a safe alternative to live-fire shooting, and absolutely no live-fire or ammunition is allowed on-premise. All shooters use sim guns that are designed to provide the look and feel of a traditional firearm without the potential danger of a live-fire gun.

To specifically cater to youth organizations, EVR offers a youth program that provides hands-on training, firearms safety education, and marksmanship skill-building. The 90-minute session involves 45 minutes of classroom-style instruction on gun safety and shooting fundamentals (grip, aim, stance, trigger pull). The other 45 minutes is spent engaging in hands-on virtual shooting exercises that allow youth to apply what they’ve learned and work toward growing their skillset.

Our youth shooting experience includes:

  1. 90 minutes of personalized and professional instruction
    • 45 minutes of classroom-style instruction on firearms safety and shooting fundamentals
    • 45 minutes of hands-on virtual shooting exercises, drills, and competitive shoots
  2. Education on range safety rules, shooting fundamentals, and safe gun handling
  3. Hands-on skill-building through interactive exercises and drills
  4. A judgment-free atmosphere that promotes learning
  5. Fun steel challenge and IDPA competitive shoots
  6. All training is customizable to meet the needs of your organization

At Engage Virtual Range, we are passionate about the importance of instilling responsible gun handling in youth shooters. All of our instructors have experience delivering youth training and can work with your organization to customize a curriculum that makes sense for the audience.

If you or your organization would like more information about our virtual youth shooting classes, please reach out directly, and we would be happy to help.