Defending Your Castle: Home Defense Academy

Tactical Home Defense Training for All Skill Levels

Defending your castle home defense

Nearly 40 million guns were purchased in the U.S. in 2020, which only continues to rise with a 60% surge in 2022. The rise is part of a growing trend in a post-pandemic world that has prompted individuals to buy guns for personal and family protection.

But the problem is many of these individuals have no experience shooting a pistol or using it properly in a high-stress, self-defense scenario. Would you be ready to act if an intruder came into your home? Probably not. That's where our tactical home defense firearm training proves helpful!

This 90-minute training session is uniquely designed for gun owners that intend to defend their homes. The hands-on session introduces shooters to life-like scenarios that will teach the importance of building muscle memory and staying calm in stressful situations. Through guided practice, class participants can learn the basics of pulling a gun from concealment, assessing a potentially dangerous situation, and building the reflexes to shoot when necessary. Our real-world simulations are designed to mimic real-life situations that require quick thinking and proper judgment.

Our home defense training sessions are taught in a safe, judgment-free atmosphere to promote learning and build confidence.

Training Description and Objectives

This hands-on situational training session is taught by an instructor and is 90 minutes long to give each student ample time to practice tactical responses using home-based scenarios. By building confidence, gun owners can learn how to protect their "castle" and sleep better at night.

Course objectives are as follows:
  • To practice the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship
  • To gain exposure to a variety of situational training scenarios
  • To learn the importance of developing muscle memory
  • To become confident in handling stressful situations

Video: Inside Look

After completing this training, students will feel more confident using a gun to protect their homes and property. Students will also understand the importance of continuing their training to build valuable muscle memory that will serve them well in high-stress real-world situations.


  • 21+ years old