New Shooter Series: Safety, Drills, and Hands-On Training Academy

Firearms Fundamentals, Education and Training

Youth new shooter training

We believe that learning responsible and safe firearm handling can start at any age. So if you or your child is interested in learning to shoot or firearm handling, our new shooter introductory series is the perfect place to start.

New Shooter Intro Series

This 3-part series is aimed at youth, families, and small groups who want to learn to shoot. The age-appropriate curriculum promotes safety and develops a positive mindset about shooting sports. Intended for 2-6 participants, each shooting session features hands-on training led by professional and passionate instructors. Upon completing our youth shooting programs, each graduate will receive a certificate of completion and an exclusive EVR challenge coin.

This youth shooting class is taught in a private, safe, and judgment-free atmosphere to promote learning and build confidence.

Training Description and Objectives

Each hands-on training session features convenient scheduling and is an ideal alternative to traditional summer camps. Our classroom-style training features hands-on instruction using only simulated firearms; no actual weapons or ammunition is present on-site. Our goal is to promote safe and responsible gun handling at an age when firearms curiosity is most active.

Course objectives are as follows:
  • To build confidence by teaching responsible gun handling and safety practices.
  • To develop a foundation of the basic principles of shooting.
  • To satisfy curiosity in young learners safely and professionally.
  • To engage the entire family in a safe, fun, and educational way.

Simulated Shooting Program Courses

This family-style shooting fundamentals series is broken into three 90-minute sessions:

Session 1: First Look - Safety, Terminology, and Respect for Firearms
  • Format: Classroom and hands-on
  • Safety
  • Different types of guns, ammo, and targets
Session 2: Fundamentals - Basic principles of shooting
  • Format: Hands-on
  • Eye dominance
  • Stance, grip, trigger pull, aim
  • The first opportunity to take shots on target
Session 3: Shots on Target - Drills, Targets, and Competitions
  • Format: Hands-on and lots of "trigger pulls
  • Putting it all together

Who Should Enroll?

  • Any family looking to learn to shoot in a safe and supportive environment
  • Individuals looking for a comprehensive series of shooting fundamentals training
  • Youth looking to feed their curiosity about firearms in a responsible way
  • Anyone looking for a unique alternative to traditional summer camps
Family-style new shooter training