What Makes the EVR Challenge Coin Special?

EVR challenge coin
Challenge coin

One of our primary goals at EVR is to help create responsible and confident gun owners and users. While up to this point, we feel we’ve stayed true to our core mission and values, we thought it was time to reward our customers for doing the same.

We are excited to introduce exclusive EVR Challenge Coins to all of our locations.

Historically, challenge coins have been used to show affiliation to an organization or cause. Each challenge coin features a branded insignia and is usually awarded to military members or first responders for completing challenges, reaching achievements, getting promotions, and boosting morale.

Since ancient times, these unique coins have been used and were most commonly seen being awarded to individuals during the Roman Empire. However, during World War I, challenge coins made a resurgence.

How to Earn Your Coin

At EVR, we’re fascinated by the mystique and grandeur surrounding challenge coins. We’ve found them to be a sense of pride for the people who have earned them, and we want to bring that same sentiment to our most loyal and dedicated customers at EVR.

As we continue to grow a supportive community of responsible gun owners and enthusiasts, we want to reward the individuals who take our mission seriously. And so, we’ve created custom Engage Virtual Range Challenge Coins to be awarded to our customers who embody the spirit of our brand.

While you can’t purchase these uniquely branded and embellished challenge coins, you can earn them. EVR challenge coins are awarded on merit only. We seek to acknowledge individuals who reach major accomplishments, marksmanship milestones and who demonstrate excellence in shooting and responsibility.

Each EVR Challenge Coin features a unique serialization that makes each coin unique to the recipient. So far, only a few worthy individuals have these challenge coins in their possession. Stay tuned to learn how you can earn yours!