Rethink, Re-Engage, and Reload Your Corporate Outings at EVR

Corporate and group outings
Corporate events in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio

It happens. Your company is so focused on the bottom line that employees are burned out, morale is at an all-time low, and people struggle to stay motivated.

It’s time for a break from the routine.

Your employees step up daily, adjust to changing priorities, and continue to produce results for your company, even when difficult. That deserves to be rewarded! And that’s precisely where EVR comes in.

Corporate Events Done Differently

While your typical holiday parties and huge celebrations are great, they are overdone. They are forced fun that usually ends in horrible memories for everyone involved. Engage Virtual Range has made it possible to change all that. Company outings can still be fun! We offer a unique, fun, and team-building experience in an environment that promotes safety and takes every necessary precaution.

Here’s what you can expect at a company outing planned by EVR:

  • Turnkey event planning - all you have to do is pick the date and time.
  • Catering options available
  • Personal instruction so participants can learn while having fun
  • Personalized signage, content, and playlists
  • Friendly competitions that are unique and customized for your group

The best thing about Engage Virtual Range is that no experience is necessary. Some events can be a little polarizing for your employees who aren’t athletic or competitive, but shooting is appropriate for every skill level. Many people walk away from their time at our virtual gun range feeling like they gained some valuable skills while having fun!

Conveniently located in Medina, teams can easily travel from Lorain, Summit, Cuyahoga, or Medina County for a corporate or team-building event outside the box. As a result, your team can finally spend some much-needed face-to-face time in a fun, competitive, safe environment, and, best of all, it encourages them to blow off some steam.

Contact us to learn more about the fun company outings and events at EVR and how we can safely help you plan an event for your team.