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Pull the Trigger on a Team-Building Activity That is Loads of Fun

Team building can sometimes be synonymous with forced fun. But, we promise it doesn’t have to be that way! Instead, the right kind of team-building events and activities can promote camaraderie, foster relationships, and help individuals blow off some much-needed steam.

So, how do you find a team-building idea that doesn’t suck? That’s where EVR comes in.

We have invested heavily to develop team-building activities that break boundaries and get people outside their comfort zones. We are excited to finally launch our team-building packages to our loyal customers and expand our offerings in a way that supports our mission.

Why We Created a Team-Building Event

While at the base level, we believe team-building events are designed to get people to know each other on a more personal level, we also think there’s another essential component. Building trust is vital to any good team. Whether it’s athletes, co-workers, or even youth groups, nothing can get accomplished without trust.

We’ve designed our team-building activities around the idea of building trust. While working in teams, participants must compete in fast-paced shooting challenges that test their critical thinking, problem-solving, and team collaboration skills. By building trust, they can strategize new ideas and successfully compete for the winning spot! Who doesn’t love bragging rights?!

Why Partner With Engage Virtual Range?

Engage Virtual Range is known for creating an environment that fosters support, skill-building, and confidence. We understand how awkward team-building events can be, especially after the past couple of years of working remotely. So we took aim at the traditional ice-breakers and escape rooms you’re used to and instead created something interactive, fun, and challenging.

Our virtual shooting bays are designed with enormous HD screens with full surround sound. Your teams can engage in experiences that test their skills through target practice, speed rounds, or steel challenge simulations. If you're worried about it not appealing to all of your group members, it is the mission of EVR to cater to everyone from the first-time shooter to the professional sharpshooter.

Ready to learn more?

We offer two different levels of packages to accommodate your budget, group size, and specific goals. We are flexible in our approach to team-building while also offering you a turnkey solution that is as easy as it gets.

Contact us today for details and pricing. Let us help you plan a team-building event that will break barriers and create a lasting impression!