Importance of Youth Shooting Programs

Responsible youth firearms training
Youth Education

As a parent, it's your responsibility to feed your child's curiosity in any way you can. For example, if your child is interested in sports, you sign them up for a local team. If your child demonstrates an interest in dance, you find a local studio. But, what do you do if your child starts asking questions about firearms?

For many parents, introducing shooting sports to their children is challenging. Unfortunately, there aren't many local resources to teach families about firearms safety and responsible usage. But, after conducting some research, you might find that there are a variety of youth programs throughout the country, including competitions, scholarships, contests, training, and safety courses.

By helping instill firearm safety and introducing shooting sports to interested children, you are doing your part to feed their curiosity and promote responsibility in the next generation of gun owners.

Why is Youth Shooting Programs Important?

According to research done by Gallup, thirty-two percent of U.S. adults say they own a gun, while a more significant percentage, 44%, report living in a gun household. As this number grows, the need for responsible youth shooting programs and family-focused firearms training becomes more apparent.

At EVR, we believe having a local resource to teach the fundamentals is essential. Most traditional gun ranges can feel unwelcoming to families. They are loud, dirty, and pose various risks for children and first-time shooters. Live-ammunition ranges are intimidating and can create a sense of stress that isn't conducive to healthy learning.

Through simulated family-driven and youth shooting programs, children can learn:
  • To build confidence through responsible gun handling and safety practices
  • To develop a foundation of the basic principles of shooting
  • To satisfy a curiosity in a safe and professional environment
  • To shoot without the risks associated with live ammunition

Our mission at EVR is to support our youth's interests and develop a strong community of responsible, confident, and educated gun owners and users of all ages. We believe that getting the entire family involved in youth shooting programs can create open communication and instill a healthy understanding of firearms usage.

If you are looking for youth shooting programs in your community, check out the unique and age-appropriate firearms education and training sessions at our Medina and Avon Lake, Ohio.