Are Virtual Shooting Ranges Safe For Kids?

Virtual Range's are safe for kids

Proper gun safety is a controversial topic, but an important one. And when it comes to teaching your children how to handle a gun and the immense responsibility that comes with it, you want to do it in a safe and supportive environment. Traditional gun ranges are intimidating, provide a variety of risk factors, and are typically not kid-friendly. So what’s a better option? That is where Engage Virtual Range comes in. A virtual shooting range is 100% safe for children because there is NO live-ammunition or weapons on-site.

What a Virtual Shooting Range Can Teach Kids

As technology continues to evolve, the options for teaching gun safety and handling have grown. That means your children can get the feeling of firing a live gun without ever having to actually step foot in a traditional gun range. We truly believe in the importance of educating children on the safe handling of firearms.

The guns at Engage Virtual Range are simulated to look and feel like a real gun, without the loud sounds, gunpowder, and danger. This means children can explore their curiosity, gain valuable skills and confidence, all while having fun in a safe and judgment-free atmosphere.

At a virtual shooting range, kids can learn:

  • Safe gun handling
  • Proper stance
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • How to identify gun parts
  • Improved accuracy
  • Confidence


Virtual Range Rules

To provide a safe environment for everyone involved, the minimum age to visit Engage Virtual Range is 12 years old, accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For the most part, we follow traditional range rules so that children and adults learn how to handle a live gun properly. You can see our full list of rules here.

Family-Friendly Fun at Our Virtual Shooting Range for Kids

While teaching gun safety is a serious and important task, one of the benefits of choosing Engage Virtual Range is to make the experience fun. Traditional gun ranges are serious and offer minimal options for target practice. At our virtual range, that’s not the case.

Kids and adults can engage in a variety of realistic titles and exercises. There is something to appeal to every age group, from prairie dog hunting to shooting dynamic targets on a 12’ x 7’ HD screen with full surround sound. You can even participate in some family-friendly shooting competitions using our interactive leaderboards and various target shooting scenarios.

Every time you come to Engage Virtual Range, it can be a completely different experience. Plus, you can measure to see how each of you improves each time you visit.

Family Fun and Safety at Engage Virtual Range

Engage Virtual Range was created with one goal in mind - to educate anyone willing to learn about the fun, empowering, and unique experience of shooting a gun. Make your child’s first experience with guns a positive one. Learn about all of our offerings and schedule a session. Book online today.