Free Ammo at Our Indoor Gun Range

Free ammo at Engage Virtual Range
Since it is simulated, ammo is always free!

One round of 9mm ammunition costs almost $1. At the current rate, it will take years for the cost of ammo prices to normalize. So, what should you do as an avid shooter and gun enthusiast? Go broke practicing your shot or hoard your current stash for the next few years and retire your hobby.

What if we said there’s another option where you can practice your skills, improve your accuracy, and challenge yourself while saving money on ammo?

At Engage Virtual Range, ammo is always free because you don’t need ammo. Our virtual shooting range offers you all the benefits of a traditional live-fire range without needing ammo.

Built for Every Type of Shooter

We know an indoor virtual range might initially cause a slight hesitation for traditional shooting enthusiasts used to live-fire ranges. But Engage Virtual Range was designed by shooters for shooters. So while our facility caters to entertainment seekers, first-time shooters, and law enforcement, traditional shooting is still at the heart of everything we do.

All of our guns are lifelike simulations of live firearms. So you get the same weight and feel of a traditional handgun, even simulation recoil, without ever having to spend a dime on expensive ammo, lane fees, or safety equipment.

The flexibility of our virtual shooting range makes it easy for you to continue your training without ever missing a beat. Our free ammo virtual range ensures pinpoint accuracy for each shot, helping you improve your aim and push yourself beyond the traditional static targets at a live-fire range.

At our indoor virtual gun range, you can:
  • Practice IDPA, ISPC, and other competitive shooting
  • Test your skills with moving and dynamic targets
  • Compete with friends in dynamic challenges
  • Track your progress and test your accuracy
  • Improve your speed with timed target practice

A Tailored Experience Every Time

At EVR, you can get hundreds of trigger pulls in a single session without spending one dollar on ammo. The versatility of our indoor virtual range makes it easy for you to come in and focus your session on your goals. Our experienced instructors will be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer, helping you maximize your time however you want.

Visiting a live-fire range can often quickly get stale, but with EVR, every single session can be a completely new experience. We constantly add new titles, classes, and competitions to engage and challenge our customers.

The best part about our virtual gun range is that you still have all the ammo you started with if you try it out and don’t like it. Nothing to lose when you are guaranteed free ammo using sim guns at EVR!

Ready to give it a try?