Experience "Edutainment" Like Nowhere Else at EVR!

EVR edutainment

If you are like us, the term "edutainment" is totally new! Edutainment, or educational entertainment, is a "fun way of learning through education and entertainment." While we may not have heard the term edutainment, we can't think of a word that better describes what you can experience at our virtual shooting ranges!

While we focus much of our attention on the educational aspects of handling a gun, firing a weapon, and being responsible gun owners, we can't help but have fun doing it. Our lifelike simulations put you front and center for all the action while helping you hone your skills and build your confidence as a shooter.

Our edutainment games are designed to promote healthy competition with yourself or your friends, so you're constantly growing, learning, and having the absolute best time!

Highlights of an EVR Experience:

  • Professional instruction that is personalized to you
  • Build confidence in a judgment-free environment
  • Authentic firearms that replicate live-fire
  • Competitive drills and courses for friends and family
  • Not looking for serious training? Visit EVR for fun and recreation!
  • Convenient location in Medina

You can build an experience tailored to your goals as an Edutainment facility. Want to build skills relevant to shooting competitions? We've got you covered. Want to build more confidence and become a more responsible gun owner? Sure thing! Want to blow off some steam by shooting virtual prairie dogs? No problem. Our simulated shooting range is designed to be the perfect place to learn to shoot or to keep honing your skills.

Ready to try our edutainment activities for yourself?