The Virtual Gun Range Instructors at EVR

EVR Range Instructor
Professional and supportive virtual range instructors

When it comes to EVR, our mission is simple. We want to provide a safe, judgment-free gun range that offers support, entertainment, and education to shooters of all skill levels. We rely heavily on our virtual gun range instructors' expertise to provide this unique and customized training.

Our firearms instructors have a thorough knowledge of gun and safety standards to ensure our customers are getting a consistent experience to a traditional gun range, but without any of the risk.

All of our instructors have:

  • Law enforcement, military, or significant firearms training experience
  • Thorough knowledge of firearms and safety standards
  • Experience providing training to varying skill levels
  • Advanced training in the operation of our simulator technology
  • A willingness to provide the best possible experience for every guest

Before your session at EVR, you will get an email with information about your virtual firearms instructor to help you feel comfortable and familiar with them before you even step foot in our facility. Our goal is to help every EVR visitor feel confident in choosing our virtual gun range to grow their skills!

What You Can Expect From Our Virtual Firearms Instructors

Our virtual shooting bays are uniquely designed to provide a life-like experience that is safe, fun, and educational. Private instructors lead all reservations at EVR to ensure all EVR visitors get the most out of their time at our virtual gun range.

At the start of each session, your virtual firearms instructor will get a feel for your goals. Then, if you are there to have some friendly competition, hone your marksmanship skills, or just looking for a sampling of everything, they will develop a customized playlist to help you maximize your time.

After a brief introduction to EVR and going through our safety policies, you will then work with your Instructor on the basics of handling a gun by going through several short training exercises. These exercises are designed to help our instructors get a feel for your specific skill level.

From there, they will be as hands-on or as hands-off as you would prefer. The Instructor's mission is to help you get the most out of your session at EVR and provide a helping hand if you need it.

Learn more about what to expect when you visit our virtual gun range!