Top 5 Reasons to Try EVR

Experiences for all skill levels
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Engage Virtual Range is unlike anything you’ve ever tried, and we know that new things can sometimes be a little intimidating. But we don’t want your insecurities to stop you from experiencing all we offer!

What are you waiting for? Below are the top five reasons you should book your first session at EVR:

  1. Ideal for Families, Friends, Date Nights, and Group Outings
    Our simulated gun range is intentionally designed to be versatile. Our instructors are well-versed in personalizing all reservation appointments to best suit your group. We consider your goals, skillset, comfortability, and the fun factor! Plus, we help plan unique events for parties or team-building events that give you plenty of time to mingle, eat, and compete.
  2. Fun and Educational Experience for All
    We understand that not everyone who walks through our doors is an expert shooter; we love that! It’s our goal to make everyone who comes to Engage Virtual Range a better, more confident shooter. Through our safe, immersive, and cutting-edge simulated shooting, we can help anyone learn to be a responsible shooter while having a lot of fun.
  3. Learn From Professional Instructors
    One of the best parts about our simulated gun range is our instructors. Every instructor is highly qualified and trained to help you get the most from your session. Our instructors are NRA-certified and retired military or law enforcement professionals. In addition, we offer extensive courses for those who carry a firearm, novice shooters, and individuals to build their confidence.
  4. Have Fun and Challenge Yourself
    Whether you come alone or bring your family and friends, it’s easy to compete head-to-head or test yourself to beat your previous scores. Engage Virtual Range has found a way to make learning to shoot uniquely fun and competitive. Our interactive leaderboards let you check your scores in real-time to track your progress (and ensure you’re winning)!
  5. Experience a Realistic and Immersive Environment
    If you’ve been to a traditional gun range, you know it has pros and cons. Our simulated shooting range offers all the benefits without any of the frustrations. There is NO live ammo (saving you tons of money), NO loud sounds, and NO smoke at EVR. Instead, you get realistic sim guns with blowback, engaging simulations that test your skills in an immersive environment that engages everyone in the action.

Engage Virtual Range is something you have to experience for yourself! So don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our virtual gun range. We want to help you feel comfortable, confident, and excited about making a reservation at our simulated shooting range.

Ready to try us out? Make a reservation at our Avon Lake or Medina location and see what makes EVR a fun and educational experience.