Learn to Shoot 101: Finding Classes Near You

EVR professional instructor
Classroom style firearms training

Learning to shoot is about so much more than just pulling the trigger. As with any sport, there are rules, fundamental principles, and tools for learning. And you can’t just learn them anywhere. Traditional gun ranges are great for shooting practice but not the best choice for first-timer shooters or novices who want to learn to shoot a gun.

Virtual gun ranges are specifically designed to help shooters of all skill levels master the fundamentals of shooting a gun in a safe, supportive environment. This means learning the fundamentals of stance, grip, aim, and trigger pull. All of these things are crucial to being a responsible gun owner or a first-time shooter.

Why Learning to Shoot is Important

While you may think it’s unnecessary to take hands-on classes to learn to shoot a gun, there are various benefits to doing so. Learning to shoot in a classroom setting removes the obstacles associated with a traditional gun range. The fear, competitiveness, and sometimes uncleanliness of a gun range are eliminated, allowing you to focus on what’s most important, practice.

Learning to shoot and do it accurately takes discipline, practice, and a strong foundation of responsible gun handling. The fundamentals and more can be taught in a virtual gun range without the added stress of using live-fire ammunition.

Other benefits include:
  • Easily tracking growth
  • Practicing in real-world virtual scenarios
  • Having access to highly trained instructors
  • Non-judgmental space that promotes learning

How to Find Classes Near You

Finding classes near you is easier than you think. Engage Virtual Range, conveniently located in Medina, Ohio, offers a full range of gun classes and training to help you progress in your skill level and grow confident in your abilities. As a locally owned and operated shooting range in Medina, we are proud to be part of a growing community. With a full array of life-like virtual reality scenarios that cater to entertainment-seekers, first-time shooters, gun enthusiasts, and law enforcement professionals, there is something for everyone at EVR.

Our classes are built around various topics to help suit every level shooter from beginner to advanced. Just some available classes include: Please view our full instructor-led class schedule here and register for your first class! We’d love to help you learn to shoot in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment.