Carry w/ Confidence

Concealed carry scenario-based situational training

Intro to Carry w/ Confidence

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  • 90-minute extended format with one-on-one instruction
  • Gain exposure to a variety of shoot/don't-shoot scenarios
  • Learn the fundamentals from our professional and skilled instructors (no drill sergeants!)
  • Safety protocols and firearms parts refresher
  • Practice stance, grip, aim, and trigger pull
  • Realistic guns, drills, and training scenarios
  • Must have training for anyone who owns a firearm for protection

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scenario-based situational training?

Scenario-based (situational) training involves presenting students with realistic scenarios that simulate real-life situations they may encounter at home, work, driving, or in public. These scenarios are designed to engage learners and provide them with a safe and interactive environment to practice their decision-making and problem-solving skills.

What is a "virtual shooting range"?

A virtual shooting range is a simulated shooting experience using advanced technology. Virtual ranges are used to learn to shoot a gun, skill-building, and entertainment. The shooter faces a sizeable high-definition screen and interacts with video scenarios and computer-generated skill drills and games. Replica and retrofitted firearms shoot highly accurate lasers on the screen. There is no "live-fire" shooting at a virtual shooting range.

Is it safe?

Yep! While our guns and activities are realistic, no "live fire" or ammunition is allowed in our facilities.

What is simulated or virtual shooting?

Simulated firearms training is a virtual and immersive experience like no other. Our simulators are designed to present the shooter with thought-provoking scenarios that test their ability to make split-second decisions under stress. Additionally, shooters can improve "muscle memory" using our interactive drills.

Will I have an instructor?

Yes! Your session will be led by one of our professional instructors. Our instructors are knowledgeable, and all have relevant backgrounds in firearms training.
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