Are You Prepared to Use Your First Live Firearm?

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Shooting a gun for the first time is scary. There is always a fear of the unknown, and with something as powerful and deadly as a gun, it's no laughing matter. Unfortunately, this fear and intimidation can sometimes prevent a lot of people from taking the first step.

But, what you may not realize is that there is an alternative. Virtual shooting ranges are growing in popularity as an option to increase confidence in handling a gun and experience shooting guns in an environment that is safe, non-judgmental, and supportive.

What is a Virtual Shooting Range?

A virtual shooting range is essentially a simulated live-fire range. It offers all experience levels the opportunity to fine-tune skills in an environment that supports learning and eliminates any obstacles associated with traditional gun ranges.

When you visit a virtual range, the gun safety rules are much easier to follow. There is NO live-fire ammunition, no paper targets, no dirty guns, no ammo, and no loud noises. Best of all, you never have to feel concerned for your safety or about putting anyone around you in danger. You can even practice using life-like sim guns that feature authentic recoil and kickback, so you are prepared when using live fire in the future.

Who Can Benefit From a Virtual Shooting Range?

One of the unique aspects of a virtual shooting range is that it can completely transform to meet each shooter's needs. If it’s your first time handling a gun, you can engage in scenarios that teach you how to hold a gun, aim, and learn to shoot a gun accurately.

Once you grow confident in your basic abilities, you can move into more challenging scenarios that feature real-world situations. These scenarios' importance is to help you become more confident in knowing when to use a gun, how to use it for self-defense purposes, and to grow more comfortable overall.

By building a base of valuable skills at a virtual gun range, you can one day enter a live-fire range confident that you know exactly what you are doing. And if you don't like it, you can always stick with the virtual range and continue growing your skills with new and escalating challenges.

Grow Confidence at Engage Virtual Range

Engage Virtual Range is a safe alternative to shooting at a live firearm range. Whether you are a first-time shooter or an expert marksman, we offer a non-judgmental environment to test skills and grow confidence. We encourage you to schedule a session and try us out for yourself.