Learn to Shoot 101: Marksmanship Basics

Learn to shoot
Marksmanship drills used to learn how to shoot

The Key to Learning to Shoot Comes with Mastering Marksmanship Basics

If learning to shoot is something you've always considered but never pursued, there is no time like the present. Mastering the basics of marksmanship can take you from a novice shooter to a confident one in just a matter of time.

At EVR, we take marksmanship skills seriously because you can never truly learn to shoot like a professional without mastering the fundamentals. Everything from your stance to how you grip your gun affects your overall ability to shoot a gun. And without a solid foundation in marksmanship basics, you will never truly feel confident in your abilities.

Learning to Shoot: The 4 Fundamentals of Marksmanship

When it comes to learning to shoot like an expert, it's not something that happens overnight. Even once you know the fundamentals of marksmanship, you still have to practice often to make them second nature. However, every time you practice, your confidence will grow, and you will learn to shoot like a pro.

Below are the four fundamental principles to learning to shoot like a professional:
  • Proper handgun grip
    1 – Grip
    Gripping your gun improperly can set you up for failure. Use your dominant hand to grip the gun below the backstrap and clear of the action. Keep your index finger off the trigger until you're ready to pull. With the non-dominant hand, you want to wrap your hand around until your thumb is in line with your index finger.
  • Proper shooting stance
    2 – Stance
    The first thing to master before ever shooting a gun for the first time is positioning your body. You should have a good and relaxed grip on the weapon, using your natural support for help. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, leaning slightly on the toes and knees bent. From there, you can lift your gun to low-ready.
  • Firearm sighting and aim
    3 – Aim
    It doesn't matter what type of gun you're using, if you don't have the proper techniques of aim mastered, you will never learn to shoot a gun properly. First, you must make an alignment from your eye to the gun to your target. Then, use the posts on the gun to get a perfect alignment every single time. Once it becomes second nature, you will see your shooting accuracy drastically improve.
  • Trigger pull basics
    4 – Trigger Pull
    The goal of a trigger pull is a nice surprise break without anticipation. However, recoil takes practice to master and is a necessary part of learning to shoot. By applying slow and steady pressure and following through on your shot, you'll be able to master your shot in no time.

While it might seem overwhelming to remember all the basics of marksmanship when shooting a gun, it's just like anything else. With quality training, practice, and dedication, you can learn to properly shoot a gun and grow confident in your abilities.

Are you looking for local classes where you can learn to shoot a gun? Look no further than EVR. Our instructors are trained and ready to help you master marksmanship basics and become confident in your abilities.