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Jace W. recently visited our simulated gun range and thinks you will enjoy everything we have to offer. At EVR, we focus on providing a safe space to build skills, have fun, and get real-world training.

Because you know Jace, we've automatically applied 10% OFF to your next qualifying reservation. In addition, Jace will be awarded loyalty points for sharing their EVR experience with you! Hurry, the discount is only good for a few days!

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Customized and personalized handgun training

Personalized Training

Share your training objectives with us, and we'll create a personalized training session tailored to your needs.

all skill-levels youth instructor-led personalized private hands-on

Shooting entertainment

General Entertainment

Fun and recreational simulated shooting entertainment for families, friends, and small groups.

all skill-levels youth competitions instructor-led personalized private
Shooting fundamentals

Learn to Shoot

Learn the fundamentals of shooting a gun in a safe and supportive environment with a professional instructor.

beginner youth instructor-led personalized private hands-on

Carry your handgun with confidence

Carry with Confidence

Scenario-based training to practice high-stress and threatening situations.

intermediate advanced instructor-led private scenarios exclusive

Shooting basics and fundamentals

Shooting Basics

Learn the safety and basics of handguns and shooting a pistol.

beginner youth instructor-led small class hands-on