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Enjoy Simulated Shooting with someone special

60-Minute Couples Experience

Only $90/couple!

A virtual shooting range, or shooting range simulator, offers an educational, fun, safe, and judgment-free environment for novice and expert shooters.

  • Safe and fun for all!
  • Topgolf-style experience
  • Interactive competitions
  • Realistic pistols and rifles
  • Professional instructors
  • Save money on ammo
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Play: Fun for All

Challenging, safe, and recreational experience for all skill levels and ages. Bring your family and friends to our virtual shooting range and enjoy a simulated experience.

Learn: Professional Instruction

You're in control when you make a reservation at EVR. Tell our professional instructors your goals, and they will personalize your training to improve your skills and confidence.

Compete: For the Win!

Our virtual shooting range is a unique experience built for competitions! We've amplified the sport of shooting and created a realistic experience for you to compete individually or as a team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "virtual shooting range"?

A virtual shooting range is a simulated shooting experience using advanced technology. Virtual ranges are used to learn to shoot a gun, skill-building, and entertainment. The shooter faces a sizeable high-definition screen and interacts with video scenarios and computer-generated skill drills and games. Replica and retrofitted firearms shoot highly accurate lasers on the screen. There is no "live-fire" shooting at a virtual shooting range.

Is it safe?

Yep! While our guns and activities are realistic, no "live fire" or ammunition is allowed in our facilities.

Is it like Topgolf for shooting?

Sort of! Like Topgolf, it's fun as heck, and you can learn a sport. This combination of "education" and "entertainment" is clearly known as Edutainment.

How does this differ from an arcade game?

While elements of a virtual range can be a lot of fun, your experience with us significantly differs from a video or arcade game. Engage Virtual Range is owned and managed by experienced marksmen committed to helping law enforcement, security professionals, and the average citizen improve their skills with measurable results. At the same time, novice and experienced marksmen/women are always welcome in our safe, friendly, and judgment-free environment.

Do you allow walk-ins?

We strongly encourage you to reserve a virtual range of time before visiting. Reservations ensure we are open and have space to accommodate you. You can book time using our easy-to-use online reservation tool.
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