Company Outings at Engage Virtual Range

Easily Plan Quarterly Rewards, Corporate Events, or Client Outings at EVR

Whether it's a reward for finishing a major project, a way to kick off the new quarter, or an event to impress potential clients, company and corporate events are an essential part of boosting team morale. But, you’ve tried bowling, you’ve rented out restaurants, and you’ve gone to sporting events. It’s time to try something different. Something that will teach your employees relevant skills, while helping them blow off steam and engage in some healthy competition.

Corporate and company events
Company events and customer entertainment

Engage Virtual Range private events are specifically designed to take the stress out of planning and put the fun back into work "fun"-ctions.

What's Included

Every company event at Engage Virtual Range is explicitly tailored to your business needs and goals. We want to make your event successful, fun, and educational.

For every company event we offer:

  • Private events that are closed to the public (8 or more people)
  • Professional instruction so participants can learn while having fun
  • Option for food catering
  • Presentation facilities and equipment included
  • Personalized signage, content, and playlists

While we aren't necessarily your average choice for a company event, we are one of the most fun! Our virtual shooting bays are designed with 12' x7' HD screens with full surround sound. Your employees and clients can engage in classic arcade games, including Duck Hunt, or test their skills through target practice or steel challenge simulations. And, if you're worried about it not appealing to all of your employees, it is the mission of EVR to cater to everyone from the first-time shooter to the professional marksmen.

Want to Learn More?

Let us help customize an event that fits your needs. We can easily adapt our offerings to suit your event. Contact us today to learn more about pricing, available dates, and to book your session.