About Us

Who We Are

Founders Chad Wilson and Cal Davis
Cal Davis and Chad Wilson

As co-founders of Engage Virtual Range, Chad Wilson and Cal Davis bring a wide variety of expertise to their new business venture. Both are supporters of the second amendment and are passionate about teaching their surrounding communities the importance of proper gun safety and responsible gun ownership.

Chad Wilson is an entrepreneur with a strong background in business development and start-ups. He specializes in developing innovative technology for unique business opportunities and sees Engage Virtual Range as an exciting new venture that played well into his strengths and passion for firearms.

Cal Davis has been a firefighter for 25 years and a Physician’s Assistant for 19. As an NRA instructor, he takes gun safety very seriously. His goal has always been to create a safe and judgment-free facility where individuals of all skill levels could learn about responsible gun ownership and the basics of handling a gun.

What We Created

Engage Virtual Range is the first simulated live-fire facility of its kind. EVR offers gun owners and enthusiasts an opportunity to learn and fine-tune skills in a supportive environment that promotes the importance of learning to shoot a gun and removing many obstacles associated with traditional gun ranges.

While EVR is here to help shooters of all skill levels hone their skills, it’s also designed to be an immersive experience different from anything else you’ve tried. While traditional gun ranges cater to marksmen and women, our facility unlocks the potential to cater to entertainment-seekers, first-time shooters, gun enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, and serious marksmen and women through tailored life-like scenarios, competitions, and more.

EVR offers a full range of experiences to cater to every group or individual through:

What We Hope to Accomplish

Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to help grow skills, accuracy, and confidence in various realistic scenarios and challenges. Visitors can compete against friends for top scores, engage in tactical, real-world training, or learn the basics of shooting a gun for the first time. Our goal is to offer a facility that caters to every experience level.

We invite you to try out our technology and see that shooting can be a great way to build confidence, grow relevant skills, and have fun while doing it!