2-Gun Shootout Competition

The competition has already started and runs through Monday, August 31, 2020

NSSF National Shooting Sports Month

Show us what you got! Join us anytime during August to participate in our 2-Gun Shootout Competition!

August in Ohio is hot. And this summer especially, people are looking for safe and creative ways to have fun. That’s where EVR comes in. You can beat the heat, stay safe, social distance, and have fun!

Not to mention, you can be one of the first to try our sim automatic rifle! Until now, our rifle has been limited to use only by law enforcement. Not any longer! This competition will REQUIRE you to use both a realistic sim handgun as well as our sim rifle.

2-Gun Shootout Competition

In conjunction with the NSSF National Shooting Sports Month, EVR is hosting a 2-gun shooting competition all of August.

Each participant will shoot an interactive IDPA staged course. Half of the competition is shot with a sim handgun, and half is shot with a sim rifle. Learn more about IDPA virtual shooting.

To make the competition fair, competitive, and a little more fun, we’ve broken things down into two brackets: Novice and Experienced.

Ready to show us what you got? Try something new, test your skills, and compete to win a cash prize! Additionally, the first 20 competitors will also receive a hat or t-shirt courtesy of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

Prize Pool - $5.00 of every participant.

  • 1st Place - 50 % of prize pool as cash
  • 2nd Place - 35 % of prize pool as cash
  • 3rd Place - 15 % of prize pool as cash

How to Compete

  • Reservations are required to ensure social distancing. Read about all of our safety protocols.
  • Make a reservation in August at a date and time that is convenient for you.
  • When checking out, select a 60-minute length of time and the reservation type of "2-Gun Shooting Competition."

Competition Format (What to Expect)

During your 60-minute reservation, the first 30-45-minutes will focus on practicing IDPA courses. 15-minutes is reserved for you to "compete."
  • Gun and safety review (only if needed)
  • EVR Exercise - Familiarize yourself with the sim guns and technology
  • IDPA warm-up
  • IDPA competition entry:
    • 2 attempts for each shooter
    • 2-gun format
    • Shoot the first half with a handgun
    • Shoot the second half with a sim rifle