Gun Safety 101: Rules for Safe Gun Handling

Finger off the trigger
Safety rule: Keep finger off the trigger

The Top Gun Safety Rules

One of the benefits of choosing a virtual shooting range over a traditional live-fire range is safety. There is comfort in knowing there is no live ammunition on-site and that you don’t have to worry about irresponsible gun handling.

One of the most important things that we teach at Engage Virtual Range is how to handle a gun safely. We treat all of our sim guns as real, and we never allow any live-fire weapons or ammo on the premises. Our goal is to create a safe, judgmental-free environment where shooters of all skill levels can learn the proper techniques of handling a gun, shooting a gun, and experiencing recoil, all while building confidence and skills.

5 Essential Gun Safety Rules

To provide a realistic, safe, and educational experience, we take safety very seriously at EVR. If you are new to handling a gun or need a refresher, use the tips below to ensure you follow the most relevant safety protocols.

  1. Treat Every Gun as if it is Loaded
    Our sim guns are designed to look and feel like traditional live-fire guns. That means all safety measures should be followed at all times. Always treat a firearm as if it is loaded. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, and never point a gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot.
  2. Be Aware of Your Surroundings
    When you focus on a target, you should still understand where other people are in the room, what is surrounding your target, and where you aim. Live-fire ammunition travels farther than you think, so you need to be confident that you know exactly where your bullet will land and what is in the surrounding area.
  3. Learn the Mechanics and Characteristics of a Gun
    Before you shoot a gun for the first time, you should be fully aware of its unique properties and how to handle it. All guns are different. Educate yourself on how to load and unload a gun, how to lock it, how to carry it, and what you can expect in terms of kickback.
  4. Keep Your Finger Off the Trigger
    While it’s tempting, especially at EVR, to keep your finger on the trigger, it is not a safe gun habit. So instead, keep your fingers away from the trigger to prevent accidental discharges and eliminate any potential errors.
  5. Never Leave a Firearm Unattended
    If you are responsible for a firearm, never leave it out of your sight. No matter the circumstances, ensure a live-fire gun is always locked, unloaded, and in a safe place before walking away. At EVR, be sure to hand the gun over to one of our employees or someone else within your party.

While not all gun safety rules apply to the sim guns at EVR, we fully expect our visitors to take great measures to practice safe gun handling and treat all of our sim guns as live-fire. Our ultimate goal is to instill our visitors with the safe and proper handling techniques so that each person walks away with the confidence, skills, and safe habits necessary to learn to shoot a gun.