Changes to Ohio's Concealed Carry Gun Laws You Should Know

Ohio conceal carry law changes
Ohio Constitutional Carry

If you've been watching the news, you probably already know that Senate Bill 215 was signed into law to make it legal to carry a concealed handgun without a license starting on June 13, 2022.

But, you probably have many questions about what the changes to Ohio concealed carry gun laws mean for you and your Second Amendment rights. Much great information is available online to learn more about Constitutional Carry in Ohio. Still, we felt it was our duty as a firearms education facility to explain some of the critical components of this new law.

A couple of essential legislation changes were implemented as part of the Ohio concealed carry gun laws as outlined below:

  1. Ohio's concealed handgun license is now optional - Previously, Ohio required all concealed carry permit holders to attend a mandatory 8-hour state curriculum. With Ohio's updated concealed carry laws, you can legally carry a concealed handgun without a license, other than in school zones where federal law still requires a CCW.
  2. Prompt inform is no longer required for routine stops - With previous legislation, you were required to notify a law enforcement officer "promptly" if you were carrying a concealed handgun. With Ohio's updated constitutional carry laws, you are only required to inform an officer if and when they ask.

The changes in Ohio's concealed carry laws add it to the list of 22 other states to codify constitutional carry. And while you can easily read the Ohio Revised Code, you might find it confusing if you read it in isolated segments. Therefore, our suggestion to anyone interested in exploring the nuances of the updated Ohio concealed carry gun laws is to reference the summary provided by the Ohio Legislative Service Commission here.

Is Firearms Training Still Necessary Under the New Ohio Law?

The carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) license will continue to be available for those who wish to have it in Ohio. One benefit to still obtaining a CCW is traveling to and from other states that have not changed their laws. The optional license can also provide more confidence for gun owners.

While the changes in Ohio laws are designed to protect Second Amendment rights, at EVR, we still believe in the importance of real-world firearms training. Unfortunately, with the changes in Ohio laws, many individuals will become gun owners without the background and knowledge necessary to be responsible and confident in their abilities to use the gun, especially in life-threatening situations.

Through life-like situational training, gun owners can learn how to use their firearms effectively for personal protection. Pulling from concealment, responding in high-stress situations, and knowing when to shoot are valuable lessons every gun owner should learn. Not only will it help build necessary confidence, but it will also make them responsible gun owners, and we believe that is what matters most.