Introduction to Virtual Shooting

Curious about virtual shooting? New to shooting altogether?

EVR is proud and excited to launch a series of virtual shooting classes aimed at helping individuals hone their skills and build confidence in shooting a live firearm. Our course curricula are designed to help gun enthusiasts of all experience levels grow their skills in a controlled and educational environment.

Course Overview

In this instructor-led, 90-minute beginner course, students will gain a fundamental understanding of the concepts and techniques involved in virtual shooting. A trained instructor will demonstrate how a virtual range differs from a traditional live-fire gun range and will highlight the unique benefits of using the virtual gun simulators at EVR.

In addition, the virtual shooting class will demonstrate how to effectively use a sim gun, while also helping students to explore the basics of proper marksmanship and skill-building techniques.

Course Description and Objectives

This interactive course starts with a lecture from a trained EVR course instructor who will teach up to 6 students in a classroom-style situation. The course includes a brief hands-on training session where students will get to participate in several simulation exercises including basic target practice and course of fire.

Course objectives are as follows:

  • To introduce the benefits of virtual shooting
  • To illustrate how a virtual gun range differs from a traditional live-fire range
  • To develop a basic knowledge of how to use a simulation gun
  • To practice the basics of marksmanship
  • To master traditional range and safety rules
  • To build confidence in handling a sim gun

At the end of the class, students should be able to properly identify the basic parts of a pistol, understand how to aim and control the trigger, and walk away with a working knowledge of the benefits of using a virtual gun range.

Virtual Shooting Intro Course
Virtual Shooting Intro Course

Upcoming Class Dates

Currently we do not have any classes scheduled for Introduction to Virtual Shooting.