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A virtual shooting range, or shooting range simulator, offers an educational, fun, safe, and realistic environment for all skill levels.

  • Realistic pistols and rifles (with recoil)
  • Safe and fun for all!
  • Practice holster draws, seated shooting and other often prohibited live-fire exercises
  • Interactive and challenging competitions
  • Professional instructors
  • Save money on ammo
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Live-Fire vs. Virtual Range

Target practice Y Y
Static targets Y Y
Dynamic targets  Y
Holster draw drills  Y
Seated position drills  Y
Room entry drills  Y
Hit detection and recording  Y
Score capturing  Y
Leaderboarding  Y
Multi-shooter activities  Y
Competitive shoots  Y
League play  Y
Accident-free environment  Y
Non-intimidating and safe  Y
Blowback/recoil Y Y
Utilize your gunY  
Practice clearing a firearmY  
Eye & ear protection required Y  
Loud "bangs" Y  
Careless and dangerous patrons Y  
"Hot brass" projectiles Y  
Lead in the air Y  
(1 hour, 2 people)
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Customers Reviews

Play: Fun for All

Challenging, safe, and recreational experience for all skill levels and ages. Bring your family and friends to our virtual shooting range and enjoy a simulated experience.

Learn: Professional Instruction

You're in control when you make a reservation at EVR. Tell our professional instructors your goals, and they will personalize your training to improve your skills and confidence.

Compete: For the Win!

Our virtual shooting range is a unique experience built for competitions! We've amplified the sport of shooting and created a realistic experience for you to compete individually or as a team.