Zombie Hunt Season

Zombies, Competitions, and Fun!

Zombie hunting at EVR

Do you enjoy shooting? Do you enjoy spending time with friends and family?? Have you been wondering what it will be like fighting off the undead during the inevitable zombie apocalypse??? Well, here's your chance to do all three at once!

"Oh my god, they're everywhere!" So head over to Engage Virtual Range to take down some zombies! What better bonding experience could there be this Halloween? Nothing brings people together quite like adrenaline-fueled zombie hunting!

After you've dispatched hordes of the infected, take a well-earned break and check out some of our other fun titles, such as The Pirate Ship or Duck Hunt. Yes, Duck Hunt!

Or, if you're feeling competitive, try going head-to-head with your friends and family in a skill-based course such as IDPA or Steel Challenge.

Regardless of which path you choose, you're sure to have a super fun time here at EVR this Halloween!

Reservations are required. Select "Standard Training and Entertainment" when you book your reservation.