Virtual Shooting Simulator Activities

Challenge Yourself in Fun Scenarios and Virtual Shooting Scenarios

If you are looking for high caliber entertainment that is unlike anything you've ever done before, visit Engage Virtual Range. Our entertainment scenarios go beyond just the traditional prairie dog hunt. You can participate in next-level entertainment with fun and engaging scenarios that put you front and center for all the action.

Our high definition, 12' x7' shooting bays immerse you in the virtual technology and put you in the action. While you get the look, feel, and sounds of shooting an actual gun, you can rest assured you’re in a judgment-free zone that focuses on fun!

Fun and Engaging Virtual Shooting Simulator Scenarios

From hunting zombies in lifelike interactive CGI scenarios to being face-to-face in a hunt with a wild boar, your adventure is up to you. Every single fun scenario offers a totally different experience. That means every time you visit our virtual shooting simulator, you’ll have the chance to try something new.

Some of the interactive fun shooting scenarios at EVR include:
  • Zombie Hunting - Immersive scenarios that let you choose from more than 5 different settings. Fight for survival in a haunted cemetery, woodshed, or asylum. Experience the suspense and adrenaline while also sharpening your marksmanship skills.
  • Prairie Dog Hunting - Hunt prairie dogs on the open range as they scurry around the hills. Your shooting skills will steadily improve, and you can celebrate each time you beat your high score.
  • Full Boar Hunting - Navigate your way through the snow-covered forest featuring groups of wild boar evading you at every turn.
  • Target Shooting - Test your speed, decision-making abilities, and accuracy in lifelike target shooting scenarios. Hone your skills to try out in a real competition.
  • The Saloon - Yeehaw! Head on over to the Wild, Wild, West, and test your speed and accuracy in this fun and interactive scenario.

Whether you are just looking to have some fun or slowly improve your skills with fun and interactive training, our virtual shooting simulator is the perfect option for year-round entertainment.

Visit Engage Virtual Range to learn about all of our offerings and schedule a session. Book online today.