Virtual Competitive Shooting

How Do Your Shooting Skills Stack Up Against Your Friends? 

Whether you are looking to train for real-life competitions or just looking for a new way to challenge your friends, Engage Virtual Range has you covered. Our selection of competition-based virtual games makes it easy to test yourself, your family, friends, and co-workers.

Virtual Shooting Competition Training

For the serious shooter looking to improve skills and techniques, there are various gaming scenarios based on real-life shooting competitions. You can work at improving your times and accuracy whenever you want. You don't have to wait for nice weather, waste tons of money on ammunition, or find time to venture outside of the city to practice at a competition-style range.

Our military-grade hardware and authentic sim guns feature realistic coil designed to mimic real-life training and provide an authentic gaming experience. Our 12' x 7' HD screen puts you and your friends in the center of all the action for head-to-head competitions or solo practice sessions. Interactive leaderboards make it easy to see how much you're improving and where you stand against your competition.

Some of the interactive competition-based shooting games at EVR include:
  • Timed Target Practice - See which of your friends has the best time as you speed through challenging target shooting scenarios.
  • Steel Challenge - Test your skills in over a dozen different courses designed to prepare you for real-life competition or give you a sense of how you would stack up against the pros.
  • IDPA Competitive Shoots - These challenging and interactive defensive shooting courses mimic reality and offer you more than 50 different options to keep you on your toes.
  • ISPC Shooting - These responsive and moving targets present the ultimate challenge. Accurately assess your time and accuracy with our competitive scoring system. With more than 50 different courses, you can continue to challenge yourself and improve your skills. 

entertainment-based Virtual Shooting Competitions

Maybe you'll never be entering an actual steel challenge competition, but it doesn't mean you aren’t curious how you would perform under pressure. Engage Virtual Range offers the ideal balance of real competition training and competitions for fun.

Engage Virtual Range can be the perfect supplement to a traditional gun range, or it can be as close as you’ll ever get to being in a real-life competition. Either way, it's serious fun.

Plus, Engage Virtual Range is flexible enough to ensure your experience is completely different every time you come. Not only does this keep it interesting, but it ensures you continue to improve your skills and become a more competitive shooter.