Engage Virtual Range Hosts Ohio Army National Guard

David Lariviere, Ohio Army National Guard

Ohio Army National Guard at Engage Virtual Range

July 19th, 2019 - Chad Wilson and Cal Davis of Engage Virtual Range hosted Sergeants Steve Callahan and Kevin Clark of the Ohio Army National Guard to a private firearms training scenario and evaluation of Medina's new, highly sophisticated virtual reality gun range. Built to improve safety skills, judgment, accuracy, and confidence, Engage Virtual Range's certified firearms instructors to provide a dynamic and interactive user experience for military, law enforcement, marksmen, educators, and sports recreation shooting. "EVR intentionally promotes a user-friendly environment which supports the growing number of women who are entering the military and law enforcement, as well as those who enjoy recreational shooting," said Chad Wilson. "This is a space in which you can improve your skills using hundreds of virtual scenarios, dynamic targets, and interactive drills, all within a safe, clean, and affordable environment for novice and expert shooters."

Sergeants Callahan and Clark observed that Engage Virtual Range teaches a focus on the fundamentals of correct marksmanship. It fosters fair competition and team building, provides instant statistical feedback for real-time learning, and is outstanding preparation for required firearms handling qualifications of military, law enforcement, education, and competitive sports shooters. "Besides all of that, it is FUN!" Callahan added.