Focus Group Participation

Experience EVR for free!

Want to experience EVR for free? We are conducting focus groups for the following two customer types.

Moms and Families

Calling moms and families with kids ages 10-18! We seek your participation in a focus group to help us understand consumer perceptions of our virtual shooting range. As a mom, your feedback is essential in helping us create an "on-target" experience for families. The study will be conducted on-site and will require one hour of your time. The experience is free for you and your family.

Competitive Guys

Attention, competitive guys! We're conducting focus groups to study consumer perceptions of our virtual shooting range, and we need your valuable input! As someone who enjoys competition, your opinions and insights help us understand how customers perceive and interact with our range. In addition, we want to hear from you about the overall experience of using a virtual shooting range in a competitive setting. The focus group will take place on-site and require 1 hour of your time. The experience is free for you and your friends.

Participation Criteria

  • New to virtual or simulated shooting
  • You have never visited a virtual range
  • Open and interested in new experiences
  • Willingness to share honest feedback
  • Ability to visit our Medina location within the next 7 days
To be considered, please register and include the following information:
  • Group size and ages
  • General availability within the next week