Citizen’s Academy Training Academy

Fostering a Relationship Between Citizens and Local Law Enforcement

One of our founding principles at EVR is to focus our efforts on education. Through our classes and training sessions, individuals can learn to defend their belongings, grow confident using firearms, and get the hands-on practice necessary to be responsible gun owners.

Citizen's academy training
Realistic training scenarios

What is a Citizen’s Academy? This training program aims to strengthen relationships locally within community organizations and their citizens. By delivering situational training exercises for civilians, students can learn hands-on what it’s like to be a police officer or deputy. Through lifelike scenarios, participants can learn how deputies perform their duties and respond to different situations.

The goal is not to teach individuals how to use a gun but instead about the critical and split-second decision-making officers must make regularly.

What to Expect in Citizen’s Academy

In this two-hour interactive course, participants can expect to learn about the unique challenges law enforcement faces in their profession. Through hands-on situational training, students understand how challenging the job is and work as community ambassadors for local law enforcement.

Some of the hands-on training participants will experience include:
  • Safe firearms handling
  • Threat-assessments
  • Reacting in potentially life-threatening situations
  • Less-than-lethal options available to law enforcement
  • And more

We welcome all community participants ages 12+ to attend this class.

Want a private version of this training? We have several options available. Contact us for more information.

IMPORTANT: There are NO live firearms or ammunition at our facility. All instruction and class participation are done using realistic sim guns.